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It used to be that I spent money for the feel of it.

When I spent money, it was with a vicious thrill. I felt shameful, as if I was squandering a precious resource. I felt an emotional ripple with every dollar I parted with. When I made large, unplanned purchases, I felt an intense rush. Sometimes, I felt depressed.


The Illusion Economy

Posted: October 7, 2010 in playa economics

We live in an illusion economy.

Our money — the pieces of paper we all strive so hard to get more of — is not based on, or backed by, anything that has actual tangible value.

The highest aims of the consumer economy — luxury brands, unlimited wealth, ability to waste — have nothing to do with community, connection, love, or real feeling.

We spend our days isolated in plastic cubes, typing on plastic machines, staring into plastic screens, driving in plastic cars down concrete roads, through concrete valleys and  jungles, living in air-conditioned boxes, trying to chase away our feelings of isolation with illusory image-streams that are, themselves, mostly fake.